Mar 11, 2013

Free youtube views, likes, subscribers and comments.

Hey folks. Do you need more free youtube views, likes, comments, favorites  or subscribers on your video?

Well then, you have come to the right place :).
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Lets first discuss, why would you want free youtube views, likes comments, favorites and subscribers.
There is a lot of reason for this, first of all, you must understand how to rank videos;

Lets say that you, for example, got a video called "battlefield 3 game play", and you have had it for about half a year, but you only got very few views. This is because YouTube rank videos.
So when somebody search "battlefield 3 game play" your movie, will be shown on page 10 or so, and people always watch the vid's on page 1, but never on page 10 (almost).

So no one will watch your project, before your video is popular and ranked on first page.
Therefore you will need a good amounts of free  views , likes, subs, favorites, comments, to get ranked on first page.
That is how YouTube's ranking system works.

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So to get popular and promoted, you will have to give them a kick-start by making them liked, and viewed.
This will also help a lot, if your trying to earn money on their website, with their "monetizing" system.
I already got partnered with YouTube on my account and im using this method.
Partnership is really an awesome way to earn cash.

My history:

Now let me tell you how I get lots of views, and likes etc. by a ton of people;

I got about 300 videos, I am VERY experienced and I can tell you how to get promoted for free.
I often uploads vids, and achieve first rank on YT and Google searches within 1 week, For my tags.

I have personally tried a bunch of different methods to gain fast and easy likes and free youtube views.
I've tried YouTube bots (this YouTube bot and Jays YouTube bot) and stuff like How to hack a youtube account.
The problem is those can get your account and/or channel banned. And they are quite expensive.
Most of the times, these methods also will get your views frozen!

Then I've tried to buy subs, likes, views, comments and favorites from a lot of different websites,
Not only is this really expensive, I've been scammed a lot this way. Can't recommend this.

Working method:

Then I finally stumbled upon a very easy and FREE method to get ranked.

Simply I found some websites, that will give you free YT subs, comments, likes, fav's.
All they ask in exchange, is that you run their program to earn "credits" by viewing and optionally liking, commenting, subscribing and favoring other peoples videos!
If you don't want to spend the credits you earn, you can also sell them, and make some money by viewing :).

YT exchanging:

So I discovered "YouTubes exchanging websites", this will also avoid your the view freezing problem.

It's free to join and you can earn credits automatically, without doing anything, but running their program.
You could let your computer do this while you were sleeping.
What I do is to run the auto viewers and likes, on these 3 different websites.
I also bought 3 VPS (Virtual private servers) which run the programs 24/7.

Be sure to visit my screenshots, to see what kind of credits I personally gained :).
Example of what these websites have gained me:
free youtube views

I suggest to sign up on these websites:

Very nice for free views, likes, subscribers, custom comments, favorites and more: CLICK HERE

If you're serious about making money online, promoting your video or whatever check out these websites, they cost a bit money but it's DAMN worth it:

You can invest a bit money to buy a nice YouTube bot it can run in the background of your pc and keep adding views, likes etc. automatically non-stop:


You can buy a lot of Facebook likes, google +1, tweets and other social signals to bring legit traffic and rank your video in google here:


That's it please comment on this website with suggestions/complaints/anything...
Hope you enjoyed reading!

Why Your Video Needs Free YouTube Views to Go Viral

Getting paid or free YouTube views is a great way of increasing your online presence for your products and services. 

With the increase of the many services and products similar to yours that are being market online, one needs to stand out from the crowd. 
How can one do this? 
One needs to understand that there are thousands of other services that are competing for the same customer as you are, therefore it's advisable to always employ a good marketing strategy that will ensure there is a high flow of traffic to your website.

free youtube views

YouTube is an online community for video sharing. 


It's a medium through which many businesses utilize to reach out their products and services to potential customers. It's used as a channel to communicate to prospects by showcasing products and services. 
YouTube stands out as a phenomenon success, it's evidently shown by the millions streaming to watch videos online every other day. Therefore one needs to tap in its vast majority of traffic and maximize their online presence.

Posting your video online is not enough as it needs get high ranking. 

Its popularity solely depends on the amount of viewing it's subjected to. It's advisable to sleek in a budget and buy subscribers, likes, comments etc. 
This doesn't cost a fortune though. 
The advantage with this strategy is that when the people who will view your video in the first place will recommend it to other people thus having large volume of views for free

This then puts you in the forefront in your niche. The odd of ranking higher on YouTube and Google also rises giving a cutting edge of going viral.
 This translates to quality targeted traffic. Look at it this way, if i watch a video and like it, I will probably recommend it to others.
video promotion

Broadcasting your product or service through a video is essential to the growth of your business. 

People are known to absorb more information through watching than they would through reading. The biggest aim is having your video listed on the "most viewed videos" and in the "search results".
 This then gives you a targeted audience and an advantage of having your video receiving comments, ratings as well as subscribers. 
 This aspects combined, produces more customers and spells more profit for your business

Success with any marketing medium is equivalent with the number of people the medium reached. YT quantifies this aspect as the more views it receives, the more profit one is entitled. 
Video sharing entitles proper publicity to your products and services. 

Many people have been known to always making their buying decision based on the top search results they receive through search engines. 
Buying YouTube subscribers, comments, views, favorites and likes initially generates high traffic and free flow of traffic eventually thus producing high rankings in search results.
Buying views demeans the possibility of intimidation that springs out from expensive advertising. It stands out in offloading you the burden and giving you the advantage of presenting your product or service in the presence of a large audience.

Tips to success with YouTube Marketing

Ensure you have a great video that has quality content that is enticing to the visitor. Your aim is to keep the visitor glued to the end.

Ensure you have a link that directs people to your website where they can get the products or service.

When marketing your products through YouTube, always consider buying YT likes, subscribers, comments, favorites and views first to increase the level of your product or service publicity. This will then translate to more free views eventually.

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